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3 Sets of Discs

Easily swap between the 3 sets of removable discs (2mm, 5mm or 8mm) for dough of just the right thickness. The rolling pin is 17.3” in length with the discs and 2.4” in diameter.

Measurement Markings

Hate having to throw extra dough away? Measurement markings (in both inches and centimeters) take the guesswork out of measuring the width of your dough.

Quality Stainless Steel

The rolling pin is crafted from 100% quality 18/8 stainless steel, durable enough to follow you, and your baking, for a long time.

Roll Without Breaking a Sweat

Here’s a tip: cool the rolling pin in a refrigerator or freezer to better roll that dough without breaking a sweat.


Hate scrubbing dough off your rolling pin? The rolling pin is compact and fully dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning without the sticky hands.


Keen to bake and roll like the good old days? Remove the discs for a traditional French-style rolling pin. Délicieux!

The best baking – pies, pizza, pastry, pasta, cookies, noodles or chapati – is all in the dough. Designed and built with care by a team that cares about delicious baking, the Goeet Rolling Pin makes it easy and effortless to roll dough to exactly the thickness you need, batch after batch. Baking should be an art of class and elegance – which explains the rolling pin’s functional and clean design plus the inspiring, sleek and bright design of the packaging that encloses it. Baking is more than just food; it is an experience that starts with the right tools.

The three replaceable discs are designed with most common sizes in mind and increase gradually in radius.
– 5/64″ (2mm)
– 13/64″ (5mm)
– 5/16″ (8mm)

The total length with the discs is 17.3″ (44cm); the total weight with the discs is 0.83 pounds (375g); printed measurement markings on the body (metric and imperial) lets you judge how wide your dough is at a glance. We want your rolling experience to be as fuss-free as possible, so you have more time to focus on cooking up tasty, delightful baking. Here are 5 steps to get precisely measured dough:
– Cool the rolling pin in a freezer for a few minutes to reduce sticky dough (optional)
– Adjust the thickness easily by using the discs
– Get rolling!
– Clean the rolling pin in a dishwasher
– Enjoy some fine baking for you to share with your loved ones

We stand behind our products. Because we care about quality baking and the ones behind it, our rolling pin comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. So get rolling, with ease of mind.

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